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2018 will be the most ambitious event schedule is recent club history. It should be a lot of fun and keep's us out of trouble. Some dates are fixed some are still fluid but the events are pretty much set.

1.  Shop Tour at noon set up by Kurt Niemeyer's group Sports Car Preservation Group.  

    WHEN: March 01 2018 at Noon.

    WHERE: European Auto Specialist on Sycamore Ave in Blue Ash.

2.  Leprechaun Run Xll Road Rally. The Audi Club Kentucky will again be a sponsor of this event. Open to all classes of sports cars, sports coupes and sports sedans. Open timed road rally for fun. More information on the way.

     WHEN: Saturday March 24 2018 at 1pm


3.   Mid-Ohio IMSA Races. Sponsored by The Audi Club-KY and Audi Club-OH. Car corral, parade lap and IMSA Hot Lap Experience. More information by the end of this month regarding tickets and pricing. The club needs at least 25 ticket sales to satisfy Mid-Ohio and 40 ticket sales to justify the Audi to bring a couple of RS3 for track time plus Hot Pits and Paddock tours. Lunch of Saturday and Breakfast Buffet on Sunday with snacks and beverages included. Audi only car corral and parade lap.

      WHEN: May 5-6 2018

      WHERE: Mid-Ohio Race Course.

4.   June or July 2018 Dubwerks-Audi Club Kentucky Cookout/Open House. Food and beverages provided along with door prizes. Just a goodtime on either a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

      WHERE: Dubwerks

      WHEN: June/July

5. VW-Porsche-Audi Reunion

       WHERE: Germania Park

       WHEN: Late September 2018

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